What is Giraffe Bottle?


Giraffe Bottle Hands-Free Drinking Systems allow users with various abilities to stay hydrated. Our assistive hydration technology is designed to be flexible and easy to use, with accessories available to mount wherever needed.

Giraffe Bottle solutions are great for wheelchairs, desks, beds, tables, and more. We recommend combining your system with a Giraffe Bottle holder to bring your system on-the-go. You can also combine it with a compatible mounting system from ModularHose.com or MOGO Mounting Solutions, for additional awesomeness and flexibility.

About Us


In 2018, we launched our namesake Giraffe Bottle, a hands free drinking bottle that allows users of various abilities to stay hydrated without needing to hold the bottle or drinking straw to take a sip.

We wanted to provide a cost-effective solution for wheelchair users to provide another level of independence. Made out of interconnected beads of adjustable molded plastic, the Giraffe Bottle’s signature Tower neck was designed to be flexible and easy to use.

As a company, Giraffe Bottle has always strived for providing affordable ways to make caregivers’ and users’ lives easier, and the Giraffe Bottle does just that.


Levels of Hydration


Giraffe Bottles make staying hydrated simple, providing innovative designs for those who may have issues with mobility. All Giraffe Bottle Systems are designed to function without needing to be held, and are great for providing the user with independence. We even have different levels of hydration available, with user needs in mind.

Check out the differences between our drinking systems below, and check out our comparison chart for a quick glance at what fits your needs.

Tower Neck Systems


Our original Hands-Free Drinking System, featuring our Tower Necks. The Tower Neck consists of easy-to-position modular plastic, designed to house a drinking tube for the bottle. Our Tower Necks come in two different sizes currently, Original and XL, depending on your need.

Original Tower Necks contain a check valve for liquid control, and are recommended for most users who require a hands-free experience. Tower XL Necks use a removable bite valve for liquid control, and are ideal for users with good mouth control. The Tower XL also provides a hands-free experience, with larger liquid intake opening.



Journey Neck System


For users with limited mobility, without the need of the Tower Neck, the Journey Neck is a great solution. A flexible drinking tube and silicone bite valve combo, recommended for those with good mouth control. A metal clip provided with the configuration makes it so the tube can be kept in reach, attaching to clothing or similar.

The drinking tube can reach around chairs or beds, and provides a larger opening for liquid flow. The Journey Assistive System pairs great with chairs, beds, and more when paired with bottle holders and carry bags.