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General Product Questions

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  • Which is better: a long or short neck?

    Try keeping the neck as short as your application will allow. A short modular neck will also minimize "neck-sag" and keep the assembly from bumping into obstacles.

    The shorter the neck, the less suction will be needed to reach the liquid. In cases with a 'Tower' system, the less suction will be needed for the initial priming of the drinking tube.

  • Can I run the bottles or components through the dishwasher?

    Some components are dishwasher safe, such as the Tritan plastic bottle and the lids. Most components, however, will need to be hand-washed.

    For more details on care required for individual components, we recommend checking out the Care and Use Guide for your corresponding system. A Care and Use Guide is included with each Hands-Free Hydration Kit upon purchase, or can be viewed here.

  • I'd like to keep a spare bottle in the fridge/freezer. Is this okay?

    While keeping a backup in the fridge is a great idea, we do not suggest storing a spare in the freezer. Water expansion can lead to severe bottle damage.

    Never freeze a backup with drinking tubes or bite/check valves submerged.

  • Can I put hot drinks in my Giraffe Bottle system? Iced drinks?

    While we do not recommend our plastic bottle for warm beverages, the stainless steel bottle is the perfect option for hot drinks. The stainless steel bottle will keep heat contained for up to 10 hours when using the included insulated carry lid.

    Both our plastic and stainless steel bottles work great for cold drinks. The insulated stainless bottle keeps drinks cold for 18 hours, or longer when iced.

    Be aware the maximum operating temperature for drinking tubes varies per drinking system type. The 'Tower' system has a maximum operating temperature of 185°F / 85°C, while 'Journey' and 'Tower XL' drinking tubes is 160°F / 71°C.

  • Are any of the bottles/components microwave safe?

    No, NONE of the Giraffe Bottle components are microwave safe.

  • I have a modular neck assembly (Tower/Tower XL) and it has popped apart. Is it broken?

    The Giraffe Bottle modular necks are designed to pop apart if enough force is applied— this makes the length customizable to any specific application.

    The pieces can be popped back together when the beads are aligned, and proper force is applied.

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  • When do I need to clean the system?

    Please clean your Giraffe Bottle drinking system before every use.

  • I have a modular neck assembly (Tower/Tower XL). How do I clean it?

    Because the neck assembly houses the drinking tube and does not come in contact with liquids, it does not need to be rigorously cleaned. Simply wipe the assembly down with a damp cloth and leave to dry.

    We do not recommend submerging the neck assembly or soaking it to clean, as it will require an extended period to dry. Make sure your modular neck assembly is dry before use.

  • What kind of liquids can I put in a Giraffe Bottle system?

    All Giraffe Bottle systems are primarily recommended for water and other non-viscous liquids.

    We recommend avoiding:
    -Juices with pulp
    -Ice-blended beverages (Smoothies, ICEEs, Frappuccino, etc)
    -Viscous drinks/foods - such as yogurt
    -Partially Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Beverages

    Tower Hands-Free Drinking System

    Water and other non-viscous liquids work best with the Tower System. Remove the check valve when enjoying other types of beverages. Keep in mind that the thicker the beverage, the harder it will be to create suction - especially on longer-necked Giraffe Bottles.

    The check valve may become permanently damaged if used with carbonated drinks, or the previously list of drinks to avoid.

    Journey/Tower XL Drinking Systems

    The bite valve featured in the Journey/Tower XL system is primarily designed for thin drinks such as water or soda. Thicker beverages could clog the bite valve opening, stopping it from being watertight.

  • Can I use a Giraffe Bottle neck on other water bottles?

    Giraffe Bottle Necks were specifically designed for their intended water bottles.

    Users may find compatible bottles if they are the same dimensions as exsisting lids and spouts, though there is no manufacturer that we can officially recommend.

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  • The Drinking Tube in my system has an unusual taste. What can I do about this?

    The Giraffe Bottle drinking tube is made out of a high purity, inert medical-grade elastomer that doesn't contain BPA or phthalates, and is taste-free for most people after being initially washed. However, if the chemical-like taste is still present after a good wash, it may be that you have a sensitivity to tasting this particular material. (For any plastic tubing material, a small percentage of people have a particular sensitivity to tasting it.)

    For these cases we do have an alternate drinking tube made out of a different material that you can try - it's also BPA and phthalates free, and most people who have a sensitivity to the standard Giraffe Bottle drinking tube don't have a sensitivity to the alternate material.


Tower Product Questions

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  • What is a 'Check Valve', what does it do, and how do I get one?

    When buying a new Giraffe Bottle Tower system, the check valve is included, pre-installed, at the base of the drinking tube.

    The check valve keeps liquids in the drinking tube by restricting downward flow back into the bottle. With regular use, we recommend replacing your check valve once a month.

  • How can I get the liquid flow started without sucking it all the way up?

    You can prime liquid in the drinking tube with the help of an optional suction bulb. This is a great help for users with limited lung function, who have trouble getting liquid started on their own.

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  • Oh no, my Tower system is leaking! What do I do now?

    The most common cause of leaks is due to the bottle being positioned/mounted too high. Be sure that the liquid content in the bottle is never higher than the tip of the straw. When the straw tip is lower than the bottle's liquid level it will create a siphon effect that pulls liquids up and out.

    Keep your straw tip positioned at an upward angle, and replace integral parts of your system periodically to maintain optimal function.

    Keep the bottle low, and you're good-to-go!


Tower XL/Journey Product Questions

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  • I don't think my bite valve has a way to release liquid. Is it broken?

    The bite valve may look like it doesn't have a slit, since it's cut from the inside— and sometimes it's not cut quite all the way through. If you press firmly repeatedly (mimicking biting it) it should open fully.

  • How much suction strength does it take to get water to the end of the straw and into the mouth?

    It depends on how high the end of the straw is compared to the bottle. It takes a noticeable amount of sucking strength if the straw is close to vertical (making it about 3 feet tall). But when it's closer to being level, say two feet or less vertically, it is easy to suck, really not much harder than a normal straw. (Any horizontal distance doesn't make it more difficult to suck; the only thing that matters is the vertical height.)

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  • How does this 'Bite Valve' work?

    Pressing the bite valve between 2 surfaces (biting motion) allows the valve to open. Combined with suction, you can controll the flow of your drink and know it won't leak outside of use.

    If the bite valve isn't necessary for your application, simply remove it.

    Since the bite valve is removeable, it can present a choking hazard for young children and individuals without strong mouth function. Please use caution when using the bite valve.


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