Introducing the Journey Hydration System!

Written by Giraffe Bottle

November 3, 2021

The Journey: Giraffe Bottle’s Newest Neck

Introducing the Journey Neck— a flexible drinking tube and bite valve combo for the Giraffe Bottle! Paired with a metal clothing clip, it can be conveniently placed nearby when not in use, and lets you stay even more hydrated with a bigger drinking tube opening.

One of the Journey’s unique features is the inclusion of a bite valve. With the bite valve in place, your drink won’t retreat back into the bottle after taking a sip. Keeping liquid primed and at-the-ready makes staying hydrated a breeze. The bite valve also allows you to control the flow, and when you’re not taking a drink, liquid won’t leak out. If the bite valve isn’t necessary for your application then simply remove it – it’s that easy!

The Journey system is compatible with all existing Giraffe Bottles, and Giraffe Bottle is now offering the Journey Starter Kit, which is a great option if you currently own a hydration bottles or the Giraffe Bottle Tower system. Kits include the Journey drinking tube and bite valve, hose clip, bottle adapter cap, and cleaning brush.

The Journey Hydration System is best recommended for individuals with full lung and mouth function, but little to no upper body mobility.
The Journey neck does not have a hard outer modular hose, so it is much more flexible. It has a small clothing clip to assist in positioning. It is best for individuals with full lung and mouth function who live with partial paralysis, are amputees, or people who are recovering from surgery and/or are in physical therapy recovering from an injury.

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