May 2019

Giraffe Bottle – Genius New Hands Free Drinking System

Giraffe Bottle has just launched its namesake bottle that allows users of various abilities to stay hydrated.

LISLE, Illinois, May 13, 2019 — Giraffe Bottle is excited to announce the recent launch of its namesake Giraffe Bottle, a hands free drinking bottle that allows users of various abilities to stay hydrated without needing to hold the bottle or drinking straw to take a sip. The product comes with an adjustable bottle holder that easily clamps onto wheelchair and bed railings.

Giraffe Bottle believes that the bottle system will be a cost-effective solution for wheelchair users to provide another level of independence. Made out of interconnected beads of adjustable, yet sturdy, molded plastic, the Giraffe Bottle’s neck is designed to be flexible and easy to use. It comes in various neck lengths between 9 inches and 36 inches for different positioning options. Putting the bottle together and taking it apart for cleaning is a breeze, and the entire system is dishwasher safe.

“I had never been able to figure out a way for my 19 year old son with cerebral palsy to drink on his own until now,” says an occupational therapist from Colorado. “This is the best ever! I would definitely recommend the Giraffe Bottle to anyone who needs it.”

Information on the Giraffe Bottle is available on their website,, and is available for purchase from various online retailers.

“After spending countless hours to develop the Giraffe Bottle, we are very excited to begin to see the impact we can have on people’s lives with this assistive technology.” says the president Dave Zebutis. “As a company, we have always strived for providing affordable ways to make caregivers’ and users’ lives easier, and the Giraffe Bottle does just that.”


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